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April 19, 1998, Baljit Kaur Kondolay was brutally murdered by three men. Her bigamist husband, his son, and his son's friend. She was shot two times in the head. Moments after she was murdered the son and friend went and celebrated their "hit" at a fast food restaurant, while the bigamist husband stayed back to play an innocent victim. This vicious crime was committed all for the sake of money; the proceeds of the estate which were all left to the bigamist husband. Both father and son are serving a life sentence of 25 years. Sandeep Toor, the friend and driver of the getaway vehicle has just completed his 12 year to life sentence and has applied for parole. He was only convicted of second degree murder instead of first degree. Sandeep Toor should have been convicted of first degree murder as he not only stepped up to help in this crime, he also hid the gun. He willingly knew he was going to take part in murdering a helpless woman. All for money.

We the family of Baljit Kaur are pleading to the public for your support as we feel Sandeep Toor should be denied parole. If he is granted parole, Sandeep Toor could be released as early as fall of 2013. He will once again be a member of our society. Why should he be given the chance after he as taken a precious life? The life of our Baljit Kaur who has left her two daughters (of previous marriage), who at the time were only 12 and 18. We are still grieving day after day and yet again reliving the process of facing this criminal in front of the National Parole Board as we are the voice of our beloved Baljit.

Sandeep Toor should be denied parole and remain incarcerated for his heinous crime. As there is no death sentence for taking one's life in our flawed and forgiving judicial system who believes such criminal behavior can be re-trained and criminals released back into the public. Please help us send a message to the National Parole Board and the officials that this criminal be denied parole.

Ask yourselves this: "Is Baljit's life, or any other victims life, only worth a 12 year sentence?" "Did Sandeep Toor really loose anything in life?" Baljit lost everything. She lost the joy of living, her daughters, parents, brothers, sisters and friends. She lost her life and we lost a part of ours. Help send this message: "Sandeep Toor must remain incarcerated and be "DENIED PAROLE."

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