No Outer Harbour: Build Roe 8, 9 & 10. It's Great For Our State!

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Roe Highway Extension (Roe 8) - Main Roads Western Australia

By continuing to build Roe 8 your Government will ensure the prosperity of the State, communities, families, and businesses. Workers in the Southern Suburbs will all benefit.

Now that you have cost the Taxpayer with a massive $140 million by tearing up the contracts for what is now a cleared block of land (Not including what it has already cost to date). Labor have put this burden on ordinary working people demonstrating an unconscionable & incompetent contempt for the WA community. This especially when as you campaigned for "The State finances are in an already precarious position". Do not put the state of WA even further behind. Do the right thing and BUILD ROE 8 & 9 now. $1.2 billion in Federal funding is waiting to help WA prosper.

Now is the time to show true leadership and allow this project to continue.