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BYU proposes to remodel current space at the LDS Missionary Training Center (MTC) by tearing down five buildings and erecting one 9-story building adjacent to residential neighborhoods. No growth; no expansion; just redistribution of space and an upgrade in technology. The proposed building will be 160 feet high and will be wider than it is tall. At 160 feet, the proposed building is the same height as (and wider than) the BYU Kimball Tower. We believe that alternatives are available to the developer that would conform to the characteristics of the educational, business and residential neighborhoods of Provo. We support alternatives that maintain the maximum height of the MTC buildings no higher than is currently constructed and petition BYU and Provo City to so act.

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no nine story tower at mtc
We are aware that BYU is planning to build a nine-story building at the MTC and that, if it's allowed to go forward, the resulting structure will be as tall as the Kimball Tower on BYU campus and one and one half times as wide. We oppose this plan. A building of that height will completely change the character of this Provo neighborhood, blocking out the mountain views which give Provo its unique beauty.

If construction is allowed to proceed, it will permanently alter the character and trajectory of future development in all of Utah County. People who live in Lehi or Payson or elsewhere in the county will need to be concerned about how this decision could affect their neighborhoods in the near future.

The height of the proposed building is not consistent with the Provo City Conditional Use Permits of 1974, 1976, and 1992. BYU has continually pushed against existing zoning restrictions in this area over the years, pushing large buildings closer and closer to neighboring residences and also raising the height restrictions. If approved, it is almost certain that the nine-story building will not be the end of it.

Note that this plan affects many Provo neighborhoods, not just Pleasant View on the north side of the Marriott Center. The Kimball Tower is visible from the freeway for miles north and south of Provo. Likewise, this building will mar the view off the hill from Oak Hills and Indian Hills. And it will spoil the unique mountain setting for the Provo Temple.

Provo is a college town which draws its unique character from its mountain views. Provo's mountains are the envy of the entire Wasatch front. No city along the I-15 corridor has more beautiful views. While we agree that some development is necessary to keep up with the population growth, we must point out that sloppy growth has and, if not reined in, will continue to severely impact the character of Provo as time goes by. Development must proceed very carefully so as to preserve as much of Provo's unique character as possible.

Thank you for taking the time to read and inform yourself of our views.

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