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Prohibit sales of non-rescued dogs and cats, save the strays

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Singapore has many stray animals along with many shelters and organisations helping them, but the resources and spaces available are limited. In Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Singapore (SPCA) alone, there is an average of 200 animals being brought in MONTHLY. This is excluding those in other organisations. 

Steps are taken to help with the stray population such as one done by Save Our Street Dogs (SOSD) in Jurong Island, where the population there is almost up to 400! Even with trap and neuter programmes being carried out, it is not enough to help them with pet shops continuing to sell puppies from puppy mills for profit. 

Most animal lovers are horrified at the thought of keeping their beloved family pet in a dirty wired cage for a second — let alone a week, month or even years. Yet, that is the fate of many animals at large-scale commercial breeding operations across the nation, including the mothers of many puppies and kittens sold in pet shops. Voices For Animals (VFA) continuously save the dogs from breeding mills but puppy mills will not stop if there is a constant demand.

Watch Puppy mills in Singapore -

HDB rules also ban one of a large portion of the stray dogs "Singapore Special" to be kept in flats as there is a size limit which many of them exceeds the limit. It is said that dogs need the space. But frequent outings and walks are enough for them as they do not need to run around all day, 24/7. For cats, they are not even allowed to be kept in HDB flats. This makes it even harder for the cats to be adopted and have a chance in their lives. Also, in Singapore, a large number of people lives in flats, so the chances for large breed dogs and cats to find a house is harder than usual. 

The solution to this is to stop the demand and give help to those that are in need now.

"San Francisco pet stores will soon be prohibited from selling non-rescued cats and dogs." -

Applying the same theory to Singapore, we can help the animals by only selling the rescued animals and shutting down the puppy mills. This will stop the demand for puppy mills and will allow them to be shut down, putting those rescued animals in priority. This may also lead to lesser abandon cases whereby puppies were only purchased when they were cute and abandoned when they have grown up.

Sign this petition to prohibit Singapore pet stores from selling non-rescued cats and dogs. Save the animals!

Meanwhile, adopt not buy!

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