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My name is Willie Green and I have a dream like Dr. Martin Luther King. (Please note: The devil tried to kill me in 1989. I was pronounced dead after a fatal motorcycle accident because the devil knew I would say these four words... No More Poor People!)... My dream was that there were no more poor people. With this petition I want to build a task force or a no more Poor People's organization, to take my dream and now a vision to reality.

The task force will consist of:

1. Life coach for housing.

2. Food coach for healthy eating

3. Apparel & clothing coach

4.  Healthcare director

5.  Investors

6. Life insurance

7. Vacation & Website managers and more!

We can defeat homelessness, hunger and poverty with your help!

Our current government system is broken and defective. Some churches are following the corporate greed system.  Results are the homeless population growing. Mental & veteran population homeless population growing at an alarming rate. Parents working long hours and not at home to parent and teach their children. We are building America over and over again in the wrong direction.

The man in the picture above should be dressed in a uniform with tools and have a means of transportation (compliments of the United States federal government). He does recycling, and he should be recognized as an individual that is helping the environment.

Example: we take $800 billion dollars and re-build HALF of the bay-bridge and or build (speaking of the Salesforce tower in sf), but there are citizens living, & sleeping in tents under the bridge etc... (God is not pleased and if you do not believe in God, believe in me cause I am not pleased neither). If we can use technology to pick up citizens/people and drop them off without a physical driver (speaking of Uber the driver-less cars) then my organization can crush homelessness, hunger and poverty!

Free income, free medical and life insurance coverage for all, is just some of the plan..

Pass Credit Debits Wiped Cleaned, Food allowance plus Vacation Pay. Wow! My God is an awesome God!

USA stop putting debit on college kids! Affordable or free education is what I'm speaking of. 

With my no more poor people operation/organization we can drive down taxes and take better care of our cities, citizens, families, homes and neighborhoods. We will build a no more poor people organization which will create a movement and then create a No More Poor People Act of 2018. When this happens... It will almost be illegal to be poor. But if you are... Then my organization will make it the governments job, duty, responsibility and their honor to step in and assist you and or your family through this sometimes difficult walk we call life. The government will be honored to help its citizens and we will show them that families and people are valuable and must be cared for. Regardless of their situation (Drugs, mental and or other). Once the government steps in then the head of the household can return to work, school or volunteer to keep a balance in society to not create lazy people. People will be happy to go to school, work or volunteer for a nonprofit or for profit organization.

The US government states that small businesses are the backbone of this country. People are the backbone of this country and people should save money, not churches, banks or government institutions...  We will be able to do away with welfare, food stamps disability and soon Social Security. Why? Because we will not need them. They are only government organizations that are tax payer funded. 


Free HealthCare, Vision, Dental & Hearing for all poor people, is what will happen when this becomes law. Reduced taxes, less crime & war. Poor people include the working class.

The people in poverty and the middle class are affected mostly. People are tired of living in tents, tired of living paycheck-to-paycheck (9 to 5 jobs), tired of robbing "Peter to pay Paul", tired of struggling to pay bills, tired of working long hours to be short-changed (due to high taxes) at the end of the week and having little to no healthcare.

We will put the "Care" back into the Alameda Health System. My No More Poor People's organization will become a No More Poor People's movement and then it will become a no more Poor People's Act or law of 2018. The No More Poor People's movement / organization will help everyone from the poverty level to the middle class. We'll adapt to the new tax law that will help us all grow, financially. We will clean our cities, communities & neighborhoods. With No more poor people the economy will sky rocket! Show your support now because people are suffering & dying.

I met an older woman (retired) that has the same passion I do for poor people and we will connect with businesses/organization like hers (Compass) and put their business/operations on steriods (in a good way... No side effects). There are  approximately 4500 homeless families (and growing) in the city of Oakland California and growing. 8000 homeless families in the San Francisco area alone, and growing.

At this point and time we are the Divided States of America. Congress and the government does not Care about  Families and so we are divided. They do care about profit. The No more poor people movement will unite & and build stronger families!  We will open the governments eyes and get them to see that even homeless people are valuable. When we build stronger families it will build stronger neighborhoods, stronger neighborhoods will build stronger communities, stronger communities will build stronger cities! When we have stronger cities that will build US stronger States. Then we will be the United States of America.

FYI: The new tax bill that proposes a  permanent tax break for the wealthy, just may be a good thing. (There is a silver lining in every cloud).  

My name is Willie Green and I approve this message

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