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No More Deaths! End indefinite immigration detention


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15 people have died in immigration detention since 2000, two of them in one week in March of 2016.

Across Canada migrants are jailed indefinitely without charge or trial forthcoming because Canada cannot deport them but will not release them. This means that many are locked up behind bars and separated from their families for years on end. Canada is a rogue nation going against legal frameworks in other countries which restrict the length of time migrants can be detained pending deportation. Being jailed simply for the crime of being born somewhere else is unacceptable; indefinite detention is utterly unjustifiable. 

Migrants are unjustly imprisoned in maximum security prisons, and the United Nations has found that they do not have access to adequate judicial oversight. Adequate medical care is consistently denies. As a result, migrants are suffering, are separated from their families and many are dying. 

Speak out against this injustice, sign this petiition.

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Immigration detainees that have died in custody since 2000
At least 8 of the known deaths have taken place in Ontario provincial prisons

  1. Unidentified man (May 2016) Cause of death unknown (Edmonton remand centre)
  2. Francisco Javier Romero Astorga (March 2016) Cause of death unknown (in Ontario provincial prison)
  3. Melkioro Gahungu (March 2016) Suicide (in Ontario provincial prison)
  4. Abdurahman Ibrahim Hassan (June 2015) ‘Restrained by guards’ (in Ontario provincial prison)
  5. Joseph Dunn (September 2014) Suicide (in Ontario provincial prison)
  6. Prince Maxamillion Akamai (April 2014) Denied adequate medical care (Toronto Immigration Holding Centre)
  7. Unidentified man (March 2013) Cause of death unknown (in Ontario provincial prison)
  8. Lucia Vega Jimenez (December 2013) Suicide (in Vancouver immigration holding centre)
  9. Shawn Dwight Cole (December 2012) Denied adequate medical care (in Ontario provincial prison)
  10. Unidentified man (August 2010) Cause of death unknown (in Laval immigration holding centre)
  11. Kevon O’Brien-Phillip (January 2010) Beaten by fellow inmates (in Ontario provincial prison)
  12. Jan Szamko (December 2009) Denied adequate medical care (in Toronto immigration holding centre)
  13. Joseph Fernandes (January 2007) Denied adequate medical care (in Toronto immigration holding centre)
  14. Sheik Kudrath (April 2000) Denied adequate medical care (in Ontario provincial prison)
  15. Unidentified man (Unknown) Cause of death unknown (unknown)
This petition will be delivered to:
  • Minister of Public Safety
    Ralph Goodale
  • Prime Minister of Canada/Premier ministre du Canada
    Justin Trudeau
  • Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services
    David Orazietti

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