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No more attacks on file sharing culture and technologies pledge

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The initial intention of copyright law was to grant (for a limited time, rarely exceeding 14 years) an exclusive right to an author to copy, distribute and adapt a work of art. Once that time is up the work falls into the public domain so that we can benifit from that work.

Today copyright has been turned on its head by the creation of industries who's sole purpose is to accumulate property rights and profit off of work that belongs in the hands of the public with out any responsibility to whom these works are created for in the first place. They have lobbied for longer copyright terms that now extend copyright to 70 years after the life of the author. On top of that they want to shut us out of policy decisions that are designed to make every person who shares music, films and other forms of media criminals. They harass Internet Service Providers, the ones that are only suppose to provide communication service (like the phone service) into spying on our communications looking for unauthorized behavior like it's 1984.

At some point you have to ask yourself; why am I supporting industrie's that want to make my internet activity a crime when I know sharing and remixing for personal use is not wrong?

We have a right to live free from excessive restrictions and to build off of each others ideas without front organizations like the MPAA and the RIAA from getting in the way.

We demand an end to any action that restricts file sharing and remixing for personal, non-commercial use. Whether it's though governments, it's legal systems, or bulling through political and economical pressure.

I pledge that until this happens, I will never purchase another product from any group that supports counter-productive attacks on file sharing and remix culture. You can argue the merits of property theft all you want, at the end of the day we all benefit by sharing ideas, art and culture, while compensation is a byproduct of that process. Content industries and governments have no business locking down property rights that extend way beyond the original intentions of copyright.

The bigger picture of this fight has to do with more with our evolution as a species then it has to do with property rights in the digital age. Arguing about rights tends to break us apart then to bring us together. We need to find ways to work together, not create laws that separate us based on ideologies.

1 Million signatures shows that enough people care enough about this issue to make a stand and it will send a message to interested parties that we will not stand by and let our culture be taken from us.

You cannot serve two masters: purchasing products from corrupt corporations who use governments to force us to accept their control over our lives while the same time complaining about the corruption itself, you must take concise, deliberate, and sustained action. This petition is a start in that direction.

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