No More Animal Circuses in Johnstown, PA

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Recently, 1st Summit Arena @ Cambria County War Memorial brought the Garden Bros Circus to Johnstown. The community of Johnstown does not support the use of animals in circuses and would like the War Memorial to no longer bring these shows to our town. The video above is from April 2017 and shows the very same elephants that performed in Johnstown in May 2018 (you can hear the trainer yell out "Libby!").

The Garden Bros Circus has a history of animal abuse and cruelty, based on expert testimony, former employees, and public observations. The 2 elephants that are forced to perform, Libby and Bunny,  are "suffering immensely" based on a report by Dr. Ensley, who carefully reviewed the well-being of the animals. A few of the observations included use of a bull hook to force the elephants into unnatural body positions, calluses, electrical shocks, reduced range of motion, visible blood dripping, and forced, prolonged periods of confinement that caused observable physical and psychological distress. In just a 6-month time period, Libby and Bunny performed in 147 towns in 39 states. 

Carson & Barnes Circus, the company that leases the 2 Asian elephants, has over 100 violations of the Animal Welfare Act.

The cruelty does not stop with the elephants. Incidents involving camels, alligators, and llamas have also been reported. Garden Bros Circus is not alone. Circuses around the world are exploiting and beating animals, all for the sake of making money. After 147 years, the Ringling Brothers Circus has finally shut down, and many believe the rest of the animals circuses are not far behind them. 

Please do not support these circuses by providing them with a space to perform. There are a number of animal-free circuses that can be enjoyed by all! Please consider: Bindlestiff Family Cirkus, Cirque du Soleil, Wanderlust Circus, Big Top Out The Box, to name a few. 

A brief glimpse into the above  allegations (and others) can be found here: