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Stop allowing animals to be posted on thier sites totally there are legitimate sites for legitimate rescues period


Craigslist is not committed to monitoring the exchange of animals on their list therefore they are putting the lives of innocent beings that have hearts and souls much like our own in danger. I do not beleive that they should allow any! animals to be posted on thier site at all not even by rescue groups  because it is obvious by other areas on thier sites and from numerous news media that  that they do not and will not monitor thier site even after they are fully aware of  animals being killed and tortured . How many times do we have to read or hear on the news that somone has tortured and kittens or puppies before we stop them.  If they are not pushed to stop , animals will continue to be abused, killed and tortured that are placed on , given away or sold on this site. I saw a peition asking them to only allow legtimate rescues but ask yourself  who will monitor that it is a so called legitimate rescue group doing the posting, the answer no one .There are legitimate sites for legitimate resuce groups so there is no excuse to allow this to continue on Craigslist at all. We can not let even one more animal be killed or tortured .  Craigslist has become a place for predators to lurk looking for not only animals to abuse but a proven fact children . Are your animals not your children as well in some sense. Please ask them to put the responsibility back on the pet owner and not make it so easy to just give away a pet . This will not only help to stop the torture of animals but stop making it so easy for people to get an animal and then just basically throw it away . Are our pets not our family. Kittens and puppies are taken and tortured off of craigslist . Older dogs , young dogs, cats kittens are taken and used in dog fighting rings as bait sold to laboratories . There are labs that buy animals in bulk from people , don't let the government fool you into thinking that they don't allow this. Rats, mice, gerbils, rabbits the list goes on and on , are taken from what they knew as caring homes and put in a glass tank with nowhere to run as snake food and often kittens are used as well for large snakes. Some will say snakes have to eat , I agree they do those that are in the wild are a part of the natural Eco system and their prey has an opportunity to fight for its life and run but not in a glass tank. We as human beings have taken advantage of that Eco system in order to own something that we should not . Some again will say dogs and cats were once wild and we should not own them and I can not argue that point but the fact is this we do not torture other animals to feed them or at least we do not have to as I am sure there are those who even go that far. Help me to stop the abuse of animals everywhere ask Craigslist list to stop allowing there pets section to have live animals and just list pet supplies . I will say that is is my opinion that nothing living or breathing should be allowed to be sold in a newspaper or online. I am not an activist i am a realist and the reality is that living breathing beings should all be treated with respect whether they are animal or human who are we to decide differently. Please help them! Please be thier voice....

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