No link road through/under Hadleigh Railway Walk nature reserve

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Suffolk County Council is considering building a tunnel under Hadleigh Railway Walk, a local nature reserve, to link Cranworth Road and Glanville Road in an attempt to ease congestion on nearby Benton Street. 

We have every sympathy for our neighbours and friends in Benton Street who have been blighted by traffic and congestion problems for many years, but we do not believe that simply moving the same problem to another part of town is a satisfactory solution. 

At this stage, the proposal to create a bridge or tunnel through/under the Railway Walk is just one of a number of ideas being considered, but we are petitioning Mick Fraser, Suffolk County Councillor for Hadleigh, to discard this idea altogether and remove it as one of the potential options for the following reasons:

  • It will undoubtedly damage the Railway Walk, which is a nature reserve, and have a detrimental impact on the surrounding natural environment. 
  • It will significantly increase the risks from traffic to children and young people,  and other residents, who reside on the estate. 
  • It will create through traffic on Cranworth Road, Glanville Road, Stockton Close, Buckenham Road, Wentworth Close and Woodthorpe Road; all of which are quiet residential roads and were not designed to accommodate traffic from a main road. 
  • It will only serve to move the current congestion problem from Benton Street to another area which is equally unfit for purpose. 
  • There are a number of safer, less-detrimental and more cost-effective options available to Suffolk County Council. 
  • We don't believe that the scheme will serve its intended purpose as traffic will still be able to move freely down Benton Street.
  • We believe that people would still be more likely to use Benton Street as a direct route than divert through a residential area, rendering the entire proposal pointless. 

Thanks for your support.  At this stage, we're simply looking to show Suffolk County Council the strength of feeling within the local community and petition them to discard this idea as one of the potential options and provide the people of Benton Street with a real solution.  

Please share this petition with your family and friends.  If you can help, please get in touch with Steve Allman on 01473 353600 or 

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