No Incinerator 4 Horsham

No Incinerator 4 Horsham

2 May 2017
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West Sussex County Council (Planning Office)
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Started by H Clarke

Update 22/01/2018: Following the 2017 recommendation by West Sussex County Council to refuse the application, developers have altered their proposals.

Last year they told us the building height could not be reduced. New plans show the building height has been reduced from 52.4m to 35.9m. The chimney height remains at 95m due to environmental and fume dispersal considerations. Regarding noise pollution, they have recently stated that noise is only an issue because the incinerator will be situated in a quiet rural location - We say we like the peace and quiet!

The developer said at a recent closed meeting that they accepted the original proposal was "big and ugly" and that they "needed to listen more". Please add your voice against the Horsham incinerator and let's find out if they are really listening to us.


Update 15/07/2017: Following the recent report issued by planning officers recommending that the committee REJECT the proposals due to noise pollution, poor design and unacceptable visual impact, the developers have withdrawn their original proposal. They intend to resubmit a planning application for a new design. This petition will continue to run until such time the new plans are submitted and we have the chance to assess the impact of the new proposals on our community.........

Just a few years ago the people of Horsham were asked if we wanted an incinerator in our market town. The answer was a resounding "NO!" As a result, taxpayers money went into funding alternative methods of waste handling and energy production with an anaerobic digester (MBT) located in North Horsham - A relief for concerned residents and a victory for the voice of the people. Now we face the same battle again with a private company that wishes to import commercial and industrial waste from all over the south of England, purely for financial gain.

The proposed building is nearly 50 metres tall (almost as high as Nelson's Column). The chimney reaches more than 93 metres (taller than The Statue of Liberty). This leviathan will be visible for miles in the beautiful landscape of rural West Sussex.

There will be pollution from toxins, light and noise. Local residents fear for the health of their children and grandchildren as invisible toxins cloud the air. They are concerned that the visual impact of this huge building will blight the landscape destroying the character of Horsham and surrounding historic villages. The local nature reserve is worried about the impact to the delicate ecological infrastructure they have worked so hard to protect.

We believe the people of West Sussex and South East Surrey have a right to protect their homes and families. We would like the opportunity to present our views at a council debate. We believe that Horsham has done its bit in terms of waste handling, with the provision of an MBT facility and huge landfill site. We also believe that the plans go against the West Sussex County Council waste directive on several points, but this alone will not stop the leviathan being built. We need your help.


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This petition had 4,516 supporters

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