No Hunting in Grimsby Neighbourhoods


No Hunting in Grimsby Neighbourhoods

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The recent Town of Grimsby Discharge of Firearms By-law 21-86, passed by Grimsby Council on November 15, 2021, allows for open hunting with firearms and bows on its waters on Lake Ontario, use of bows between Main Street and Ridge Road, and open hunting south of Ridge Road. This raises many concerns, including the following.

1. Grimsby residents are put at unnecessary risk for injury and/or death by stray firearm or bow discharge, given the significant use of the areas noted above (including the shoreline and the Bruce Trail) by our residents and visitors.

2. Grimsby residents and their families’ use of the above areas are compromised due to their concern for safety and security by the hunting activities permitted by the By-law.

3. The noise of gun shots interferes with the peaceful enjoyment of the Town and can be upsetting to some, especially those with PTSD.

4. Any By-law on this issue should reflect the views of the majority of Grimsby residents and protect the health and safety of any and all Grimsby residents.

The By-law appears influenced and crafted with significant input by the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters (OFAH) who boasts about their accomplishment. After the 1976 by-law on this issue was updated by an August 2020 revision, OFAH became actively involved. The group unduly influenced the rescinding of the August 2020 By-law and then aided Grimsby Council in arriving at the unacceptable By-law noted above.

Ask yourself, how much you were made aware of these recent changes and how much of your input was sought?

HOW You Can Help:

Please help make Grimsby and its residents safe from any hunting “accidents” within our town. You can help by signing this petition.

We demand that the Town of Grimsby and Grimsby Council:

(A) Rescind immediately By-law #21-86 on Discharge of Firearms and Bows; and
(B) Return to the previous By-law of August 2020 (By-law #20-62) as a temporary
measure; and
(C) Review the By-law on firearms/bows/hunting with broad and accessible input from Grimsby residents.

We also expect that any decision on the firearm/bows use and hunting will reflect the views of the majority of Grimsby residents, and simultaneously protect all our residents from various forms of harm.


This petition made change with 20,081 supporters!

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