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Aloha MAUI 'Ohana....

We're sorry to bring you such corruption within Maui County....

below are updates regarding this case and the illegal operations that continue at Paia Inn.

UPDATE: 4/20/2019 - Two members of the Maui Planning Commission announced their resignations on Tuesday after a judge’s order forced the commission to approve a permit for Paia Inn that the panel had denied twice.

article: Two Commissioners Resign over Paia Inn Vacation Rental Expansion Permit

UPDATE: 9/26/2018 - The Maui Planning Commission voted 5-1 Tuesday to reject a hearings officer’s recommendation to grant Paia business owner Michael Baskin a special use permit.

Baskin had appealed the commission’s decision to deny him a permit in December 2016. While the hearings officer in the contested case, retired Judge E. John McConnell, believed Baskin’s request followed the criteria for a permit, commission members disagreed.

source: Panel rejects special use permit for Paia Inn

UPDATE: 9/25/2018 - Another Meeting TODAY • Tues. September 25 2018 9am at Maui Planning Conference Room, First Floor

Kalana Pakui Building
250 South High Street,
Wailuku, Maui, Hawaii 96793

We will continue to support one of the last Ocean front Hawaiian land owners in Pāʻia, by stoping further gentrification of Hawaiian lands. After racking over $150,000 in fines, Michael Baskins continues to push for special use permit to expand his inn, SEASHORE PROPERTIES, LLC. 

Please read the ORIGINAL petition below for more info...

 mahalo nui for your support! Keep the Country Country! NO HOTELS IN PĀʻIA! 


 —-Important Meeting April 10th, 2018 @ 1:00pm
Planning Conference Room,
First Floor
Kalana Pakui Building
250 South High Street,
Wailuku, Maui, Hawaii 96793

All who came out on December 13, 2016 to Protect Pa’ia , Mahalo for your support. Seashore Properties/Owner Michael Baskin has appealed to the Circuit Court and the court has remanded the case to go back to the Planning Commission for additional consideration. Now is the time for our Lahui to support the Planning Commission in taking a stand as they did back in 2016 to DENY this special Use Application. The Community Plan Does not call for Hotels or any resort to be in the Pa’ia/Ha’iku Community. Come and Testify even to say “I Do Not Support This Special Use Permit...

If you cannot be there
Testimonies have to be mailed in to 2200 Main Street, suite 315, Wailuku Hi 96793...


Hāmakuapoko is home to fishermen, surfers, makaʻāinana(citizens), and kupuna (elders) who have worked hard their entire lives. This plantation town was created when the sugar cane era irrupted after a handful of businessmen illegally overthrew the Hawaiian Kingdom to commercialize Hawaii into the pineapple & sugar cane industry.  We have seen this little town grow drastically in the past five years. Many buildings are more than 70-100 years old, however, today there are many proposed developments threatening the surrounding community, and traditional Hawaiian lifestyle. 

The community has been faced with proposed developments, & have come together in numbers to oppose them. This is how small communities show their strength & exhibit their opposition.

I am a seventh generation descendent to this island, My 'Ohana are farmers, fishermen, hunters, and gatherers, raising our keiki(children) from the mountain to the sea. We honor those visitors who seek Hawai'is beauty for the way it is. Our visitors & tourist DO NOT come to Hawaii for the many buildings, and concrete, they visit our Islands to seek aloha, & culture.


Our maka'ainana have seen effects of these kinds of changes; we have seen our local families get pushed out by the cost of living. We have seen vacation rentals pop up, & non-residents buy up our housing, & land. We have watched tourism, real estate, and commercialism grow beyond our infrastructure and resource capacity. There is much respect to those conscious visitors & residents who seek ways to support the local economy, farmers, and community, however, we also have many 'business men' who seek pure profit, over community.

We are asking that Maui Planning commission reject all developments that threaten Hawaiian sovereignty & traditional Hawaiian lands & practices. 

Please show up or send someone to represent your 'Ohana.


Planning Commission agenda:


Please feel free to testify (3-minute max) at Maui Planning Commission Hearings if public testimony is being taken. Mahalo!