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No government employee, shall enact a law that does not equally apply to themselves. NO LOOPHOLES.

No government employee, senator, state representative, etc, shall enact a law that does not equally apply to themselves. NO LOOPHOLES.

Do you think that it is right for a Senator to commit a crime and not be punished for it, simply because he or she is a Senator? I do NOT believe in immunity, if you commit a crime, you do the time and face the consequences.  It is WRONG to think that just because you have a certain job, you are exempt from any wrong doing. If I committed a crime, for example let's say the police found out I embezzled money from whatever job I had; not only would I be FIRED, I would go to jail! Not our senators or representatives, they are perfectly excused; FOR WHAT?! Is the question on my mind, oh i'm sorry, is your high paying job so stressful that you need to commit a crime to blow off steam only so you can confess it and laugh at everyone because they can do nothing about it?

This really bothers me that they are not held equally accountable; if anything, our elected officials should be held MORE accountable for their actions and scrutinized beyond a doubt that they are worthy of being OUR MESSENGERS. WE ARE THE GOVERNMENT PEOPLE! NO LAW SHALL BE ENACTED THAT DOES NOT EQUALLY APPLY TO OUR OFFICIALS! YOU DO THE CRIME YOU PAY THE TIME!

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