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NO Fur Farms

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This is important because more than 50 million animals are violently killed each year to be made into fur clothing.The methods used to kill these animals are gruesome. The farms do not want to waste money and use proper methods of killing animals (Even if it isn't right to kill animals for fashion purposes anyway.) These methods include, gassing, electrocution, poison injection, neck-breaking, and barbaric traps. If these methods fail to kill them, which is very common, they end up being skinned alive. When they struggle to escape while being skinned, the farmers usually step on their necks or just strike them repeatedley until they stop struggling. After their bodies are skinned, and "useless" they are just thrown into a pile of carcasses and disposed of. Some of them even after being skinned, are still alive and lay in a pile of all the other skinned animals, and they wait painfully and skinless, until they die. Please help to stop these fur farms from doing this to animals, just for fashion purposes. This is a horrific form of animal cruelty.

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