No drugs in Jail, immediate intervention proper searches, justice for Jordan

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I care for all the human race! 
when people go to jail it is not intended to be a place where drugs run free and no one cares about mental health. 
by doing proper searches and the body scanners that could prevent drugs getting into jails.

Continually we see this happening and many inquests suggest that we train guards to use scanners but we fail to provide that safety? 

when they arrive they should also immediately be put on a program of their choice for intervention... 

this making them wait and putting them in the hole is not a appropriate way to deal with people! It is not human... we lock up people because they are depressed? Your creating animals and the more emotion you remove from someone’s life the less they care to do what is right! 
In that mind “you don’t care for me why should I care for you”. 

when people are depressed and try to kill them selfs while in jail they also should have 24 hour continuous supervision! With mental help intervention 

being drunk in a public place is ok but being on drugs and cause of a serious risk to others around you is not! This is disgusting and it’s not right that children see kids beating themself and ripping at their pant leg, screaming in pain and not only that but the drugs that they are taking with them could kill anybody! they should be transferred to a hospital that is train for dealing specifically with that type of care! 
these people are not all bad they just need something to take away the pain they hide within our mental health system has been failing us all for years. We need to seek change not just for Jordan as my son is now dead but for everyone that suffers unimaginably. 
let’s bring back the heart into our work