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NO Cuts: SS, Medicare, Medicaid

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The plan of the debt reducing commission, whose recommendations will be fast-tracked, is a reverse Robin Hood plot to steal from the poor and middle class, who have paid into the Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid systems, in order to keep the tax breaks of the wealthy in place.  True fiscal responsibility is increasing taxes on those that can most afford to pay them, especially when they benefited the most from government bailouts.  In addition, Congress must make the necessary adjustments in the financing of Social Security and Medicare and to do this, hopefully, in a progressive manner.  I am opposed to the following of the recommendations of the debt reduction commission whose recommendations might be fast tracked by the new centrist Obama.  Since the recommendations from this commission advocate cuts to these vital programs, the fast-tracking will not offer enough time to ensure that benefits will not be cut to vulnerable women, etc..

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