no concrete slab for evergreen ave

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no concrete slab for evergreen ave

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Mari Mack (Tamburo) started this petition to Marin County DPW Director Bob Beaumont and

In June 2012, the following petition was sent to : 

County DPW Director (Bob Beaumont), Marin County Board of Supervisors, Susan Adams, Judy Arnold, Steve Kinsey, Katie Rice, and Kate Sears


Letter: Greetings,


Just because a PRIVATE COMMUTER SCHOOL asks for a sidewalk for the hour of the day that they MIGHT use it - doesn't mean you have a right to force an impervious concrete slab upon people who LIVE HERE have asked that it NOT BE BUILT!

Homestead residents have been walking and jogging safely down on Evergreen for many years - this project was bungled from the start - NO PROPER PROCESS - and there is no rational reason to build an impervious concrete sidewalk with curbs and gutters along Evergreen Avenue in semi- rural Homestead Valley.

Evergreen Avenue in Homestead Valley has a 100% safety record, and ALL of Homestead Valley is designated as semi-rural in the Tamalpais Area Community Plan, which states "...we do not encourage sidewalks, curbs and gutters in the Planning Area."

A low impact, environmentally friendly path can be implemented, where none currently exists, at a fraction of the cost of this current concret sidewalk project.

Marin Board of Supervisors can authorize funding for the DPW to fix what needs fixing without inflicting this impervious concrete slab along the entire length of the street.

RESIDENTS and PROPERTY OWNERS WHO WILL BE MOST IMPACTED WERE LEFT OUT OF THE PLANNING PROCESS - we were told - "this is the only kind of sidewalk you can have - it is this or nothing. many of us said "no thanks!" But the COUNTY plowed right ahead - without Environmental Review, even though this NEW CONSTRUCTION is in a Stream Conservation area AND in a flood plain!

MARIN COUNTY HAS GIVEN ITSELF a "Categorical Exemption" for "existing facilities" when NO CONCRETE SIDEWALK EXISTS IN THIS AREA!! This project DOES NOT QUALIFY for a Categorical Exemption - Due to SENSITIVE CREEK HABITAT!

Residents have been asking for an Environmental Impact Report snce first learning of the project in 2010 - there has been a lot of opposition to this project for many reasons : 

- An impervious, raised concrete sidewalk with curbs and gutters will carry storm water runoff and pollutants, which will upset the sensitive creek habitat of Reed Creek. which CONTAINS federally protected Steelhead!

- Lower Evergreen Avenue is considered a floodway, and urban runoff increases possibility of flash flooding. No consideration has been given to the impacts of this increased runoff upon areas DOWNSTREAM.

For the reasons stated above we INSIST that you CEASE work on this project immediately, and instead, implement the neighborhood recommendations submitted to Marin DPW to lower the speed limit and fix the shoulder.

ALL children are our children - they deserve more GREEN streets - NOT more concrete!

LET the $900,000 of SR2S funds revert back to Safe Routes to Schools - we don't want or need this impervious slab of CONCRETE forced upon our street! 


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