No Co-Ed Lockers in Long Beach Unified!

No Co-Ed Lockers in Long Beach Unified!

April 5, 2022
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Long Beach Unified is in process of building five new identical aquatics centers for our high schools, beginning with Wilson this summer, followed by Lakewood, Jordan, Millikan, and Poly. 

The current plan, to begin construction in summer 2022, shows CO-ED locker rooms, showers, and toilets.

These CO-ED locker rooms are also in process for Keller and Hamilton Middle Schools.

We need your help to ensure that the new facilities have time-proven single gender locker rooms with additional private changing and shower areas for inclusivity.

Why don’t Co-Ed locker rooms work?

  • Co-Ed locker rooms violate norms of SAFE SPORT for students. They are a dream come true for pedophiles and others who want to prey on children due to easy access without restriction to a single locker room. 
  • Co-Ed lockers rooms where teacher and coach offices look directly into the locker rooms subjects our students, teachers, coaches, administrators, and the District to legal liability.
  • Co-Ed locker rooms, as currently designed, lack functionality, and are significantly smaller than the current single-gender locker rooms and won’t allow the number of swimmers in attendance at Co-Ed swim meets (up to 250) to dress for competition, or allow even 54 PE students to shower and dress in a timely manner.
  • Co-Ed locker rooms at aquatic facilities violate at least two State of California Building Code sections, and two CA Dept Education Building Standards relating to privacy issues and restroom facilities.
  • Co-Ed locker rooms will make some students unwilling to learn to swim in PE class. Some will drop out of competitive aquatics. Parents will send their kids to other area districts or private schools, something LBUSD can ill afford.

This will set a precedent statewide if this passes, and potentially impact our own new Belmont Plaza Pool.

Presentations made by the District to the public don’t tell the whole story and provide misleading and incorrect information. The District has failed to do adequate outreach. Most parents, students, and community members are unaware of this radical and code-violating design that puts kids and teachers at risk. Students, Athletes, Parents, and Coaches are strongly against this plan.

It is possible to provide single-gender locker rooms with both private changing and shower stalls as well as group shower and changing areas, plus a few additional single-use areas that allow all students the choice of where to change. This also provides separate restroom facilities that keep spectators out of kids' changing areas.



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Signatures: 2,951Next Goal: 5,000
Support now