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Our APS bills are already TOO HIGH, and people across the state are suffering because of the last unjust and unjustified rate hike. Now APS wants another $184 MILLION rate hike! We are captive ratepayers with no choice in who provides our energy services, and enough is enough! There should be a rate DECREASE.

APS has the highest energy bills in the state. They have the worst customer service. The most complaints. The most utility shutoffs. The biggest disregard for ratepayer health and safety. APS/Pinnacle West has gotten where they are by buying politicians -- including those who regulate them, organizations, lawyers, lobbyists & spinmeisters. The unchecked greed and corruption is out of control. 

People should not have to make the choice between buying food/medicine/healthcare or paying their exorbitant power bill. Yet that is exactly what's happening because APS is only concerned with fattening their shareholder's wallets. People have died in their homes after APS has shut off their power in triple digit temps. Having air conditioning in our state isn't a luxury. It is literally a matter of life or death. 

The Commissioners chose to play kick the can, and here we are. Even the outside consultant THEY HIRED said APS was/is over earning. We have proven the rate plans are confusing and even the APS customer service reps can't explain how they work. It is a giant shell game.

RUCO (who we pay with our rates) is supposed to be our consumer watchdog. RUCO is controlled by Governor  Ducey (who is controlled by APS/Pinnacle West) so our "watchdog" is more akin to a 20 year old tiny lapdog with cataracts. Not even a bark, let alone a bite. Worthless.

It is time for the Arizona Corporation Commission, RUCO, and Gov. Ducey to step up and do their job! They're supposed to be working for us - NOT APS/Pinnacle West. 

Share this petition with every APS captive customer you know. Show up, speak out, and let's #StopTheAPSGreed!