Traffic lights for Jal New Mexico. Intersection of Hwy 128 & Hwy 18/ Hwy 128 and 3rd St.

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Hello!! It would be of great appeal to many citizens in Jal New Mexico, if we could get a stop light installed at 128 and 18. That intersection has become completely awful no matter what time of day you go through. It probably wouldn’t hurt to put one by Allsups on 128 and 3rd as well. With all of the growing business and oilfield traffic you can’t get anywhere, and a lot of them don’t pay much attention to the stop sign anyway. These two intersections have become increasingly dangerous with several near miss accidents a day. The police force does an amazing job in this town, but they can only do so much with the minimal staff they have. Traffic lights have been suggested at these intersections before but to no avail. The situation has grown exponentially and needs to be addressed.  Thank you for your time and hopefully a solution to our growing traffic problem!!