Publishing the Response Sheet of NMAT by GMAC and make the entrance exam more transparent.

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Every year NMAT scores received by the student are scaled by the GMAC. There is a major discrepancy observed in the score obtained by most of the students as they are totally different from what is expected by the candidates and are usually close to the cutoffs of the institutes which the student apply for. Which makes the student apply for the re-take of the exam in a different window with a hope of better results and forcing them to pay a huge amount of money as a fee to again re-apply for both the exam and the Institute. Hence we want the concerned authority to take this matter seriously as many people's career and hard-earned money is at stake. 

A fair argument will stand if the concerned authority releases the 'response sheet' of all student at the end of all the windows as done by the 'Common Admission Test (CAT)'