End this CLAT-astrophe!

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End this CLAT-astrophe!

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Shamnad Basheer started this petition to Vice-Chancellors of National Law Universities (NLUs) (CLAT Core Committee)

Dear CLAT-Chancellors:


May we please petition thee?

For an exam that's error free


Year after year

It’s come under smear

For no fault of yours

But that of your peers


Who conduct CLAT from scratch

A robust rotating batch

Reinventing the wheel

With so much of zeal


And yet mucking it much

Past experience is such


Two thousand nine

All went fine

Till the paper was leaked

In a scam that reeked


A second paper was done

Quick questions spun

Tricks and treats galore

Leaving students so sore


“Legal aptitude” screamed a heading!

In a section worth shredding

Posing questions, a forty

On the law, oh so lofty!


Sample this: What’s the name of the case?

Where judges bragged their technology base

Holding the law shouldn't lag

But sway with a tech-swag

Where evidence could be taken

Even by videoconferencing


Would you know the answer sir?

Or would this, in you, some dread, stir?

Why test students on the law

When they’ve got 5 years or more?


To learn from you and your peer

At a considerable cost of 3 lakhs per year!


And what of legal “aptitude”?

That heading, you used

Not a single question we found

In this paper so profound.


Just when we thought

The worst of CLAT had been wrought

You continue your swing

More errors you fling


The best though, you saved for last

An online exam and all that.

2015 seemed a boon

But alas, we spoke too soon!


For when the paper finally came

CLAT would never be the same


You tested for knowledge of a cancer protein

Were you serious, or just menacingly mean?

Or did you merely copy and paste

From a medical paper, in bad taste?


Plagiarise, it seems you did

From multiple sources, on the internet grid.

Experts say that more than half your paper

Is likely to fall out of copyright favour!


But t’was not just the copying

Also some serious slopping

A good 40 errors were discovered

By CLAT gurus that gathered.


Many more waiting to be found

In a paper so (un) sound


And yet you refuse to make amends

Stubbornly strutting your arrogance

Rubbishing RTI's, writs and the like

Asking students to take a hike!


What ails? Why this prolonged prick?

When this exam is what makes you tick?

The one filter that accounts for NLU pride

And hides all else there is to hide.


It’s not about the money, is it?

For that can cause quite a fit

Mammon is no doubt mighty

But can also be fleetingly flighty.


We pray you get your act in order

And desist from further fodder.

For all and sundry

Including Babli and Bunty

Have mocked this CLAT

As a jovian jaunt, that's a fact.


They say it’s no better than a lottery

Where skill is trumped by luck and sorcery


Why rely on new law schools each year?

Who start from scratch, causing many a tear.

Do set up a permanent space

And hire experts that amaze


Psychometrists and all

That in test framing, stand tall

Rather than winging this treat of a test

With less than the very best.


Indeed, if justice be the aim of law

Future CLATs must be without flaw. 

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This petition had 595 supporters

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