Change the new NKU Mandatory Commuter Meal Plan into an optional one.

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Dear NKU,

We, the students, refuse to pay your new 'mandatory' commuters meal plan and demand that you change it to an optional one. 

It is utterly shameful that you would launch this initiative during a global pandemic where the majority of students are already living in a financial crisis, are already being extorted for a parking pass that will be used just as rarely, and during a time when the upcoming semester's plan is ever-changing. 

Many students returning in the Fall will only be attending one course in person and are already uncomfortable with the idea of being in a confined space as the COVID cases continue to rise. Many more have stated that they will not be using the on-campus dining areas and instead are opting to bring their food to decrease their risk of exposure. 

Adding additional costs to a student budget, knowing that a large percentage will not benefit from it, is outrageous. We demand you to change this mandatory meal plan into an optional one. Allowing those who are comfortable using the services to purchase plan and allowing those who are not the option to opt-out. 

You list additional “advantages” to this meal plan that include rolling over remaining funds to the following semester and an option to use the 'dollars' in an area that is not expected to be open until 2021. Please be aware that these do not benefit those who graduate after this semester and void these benefits. As for remaining perks listed, “Dollars can be used at all Chartwells food and beverage operations on campus, including Starbucks, Au-Bon-Pain, Norse Commons and the Bistro Café” we counter with the fact that our hard-earned cash also works in these locations. We do not need to exchange our money for electronic ‘dollars’ to access these locations' services. 

So again, we demand you change this mandatory plan into an optional one as the only thing that should be mandatory is wearing a face mask on campus. 


The hardworking students of NKU who have had enough of this price gouging.