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I would like to end the Pig Races at the New Jersey Meadowlands Fair

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The New Jersey Meadowlands Fair will be opening up in roughly 4 months (June 22, 2017). Each year the Fair holds Pig Races as a form of "entertainment". This UNETHICAL form of "entertainment" has been going on for years and I would like to stop it now.  These poor innocent pigs are crated around from Fair to Fair, then thrown into some racing venue, while hundreds of people are yelling and screaming for them to run faster. 

Many of the pig racing companies (NOT Al Dorso and Family, nor the Meadowlands Fair) perform rigorous training methods such as shocks, beatings and food deprivation in order to force these pigs to perform acts that are unnatural to them. They are scared, and confused.  It is a well known fact, that pigs have the intelligence of a 3 year old child, so to do something like this to such a sentient, gentle animal is WRONG!


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