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Hello my name is Maria vaccarella and I have a story to get out & I would like your help please. I don't know what to do or where to turn. Forth of July week there was a lot of fireworks in my neighborhood. .. the next morning my neighbor came over to tell us there was a squirrel that was in his yard but wasn't really walking and he was mowing his lawn. My husband picked it up and put it in a large box we tried several times to see if it would climb up the trees ( we have all woods in our backyard ) it wouldn't climb it wouldn't walk. This was a Fri I believe so we kept it in the box outside and went to pet store and bought food. We decided we where going  to call human society Monday if it wasn't better ( we thought maybe shock or something from loud fireworks or maybe it's hip. Anyways Monday morning came and Ohhh my goodness she had babies two where dead two where alive ... she took care of them then she got caught in the holes of the cage my hubby freed her but she took off. We left the babies out for 24 hours no mom so I decided to take them in and hydrate with Pedialyte I read up on them.. I started feeding them puppy milk with whipping cream for 3 months and started introducing other Foods I also contacted a rehabilitator but it was becoming winter and she told me to keep them till May and then call her and she would rehabilitate them for me. On October 31 two men in squad gear came to my home ... they said they saw a pic on fb that I had squirrels I said yes and I was proud to tell them the story on how I saved them. I even asked if they would like to come in and see them. I also told them about the rehabilitator. .. ( if I had known it was illegal to have them I would have never let them in my home) it was obvious I was an Innocent honest person. I didn't know. They came in said I couldn't keep them that they needed to go to rehabilitator so I complied I offered them a cage to transport. .. all while my 9 year old hiding in the closet, because of their gear & seriousness. So about a month later I am slapped with a summons. . I went to court today and pleaded not guilty. . But up to 1000 dollars for fine and up to 6 months in jail and something else which I was shocked I believe sounded criminal is outrageous. .. all I did was help these babies.

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