Tell NJ 11th For Change to Shut Down the Super PAC

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In the United States of America, campaign finance laws stack the deck against voters who want their elected representatives to pass legislation in the best interests of their constituents. We have heard over and over again that government is broken and people want to "drain the swamp". The fact of the matter is that the average cost to run for congress is $1.6 million. In NJ that cost can run much higher because we live in large media markets. It is often said, "money buys influence", and regular people can't compete with that type of money.

For example, a successful NJ Congressional campaign in 2016 raised around $4.75 million to beat an incumbent. It would take 175,926 contributions of $27 to raise that same amount of money.

Since the Citizens United vs FEC decision in 2010, the battle against "independent expenditures" has been much more difficult than it had even been. When the US Supreme Court decided that dark money was free speech protected by the 1st Amendment, it opened the floodgates to unlimited "independent" campaign expenditures from wealthy individuals, businesses and labor unions. Under the old rules expenditures intended to influence policy had to be clearly disclosed, not so simple anymore. Super PACs are often used to obscure where donations come from within complex webs of financial transactions. Wealthy individuals can still donate over $100,000 in federal campaigns without the use of Super PACs. Average people have no need to get around those limits.

Leadership from NJ 11th For Change was recently quoted saying that they had created a "Citizens Super PAC" for ordinary people. Please sign this petition asking their leadership to close down the Super PAC and commit to disclosing real donors and common sense contribution limits.

Many ordinary people live paycheck to paycheck. Ordinary people do not have to worry about "maxing out" political contributions. Whether you agree with their mission or disagree with their mission, tell NJ 11th for Change that you disagree with their chosen tactic of creating a Super PAC. No matter what they say, ordinary people do not need a Super PAC. 

Everything NJ 11th For Change wants to accomplish can be done using traditional Political Action Committees and Continuing Political Committees. We believe this was an honest mistake, and now is the time to correct it!

Just because something is legal doesn't make it right - you too can fight Citizens United here at home!

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