Provide Bihar with One State-wide Helpline Number for Flood Relief

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North Bihar and Floods are synonymous.

2008 – 62 lakh people affected and loss of 19 thousand farm animals

2013 – 20 districts affected impacting 69 lakh lives

2015 – Created havoc in the lives of 2.79 lakh people

2016 - Heavy floods in Bihar, 88.23 lakh people affected

2017 – Bihar’s worst flood after 2008, 171 lakh people affected

2018 - Increased threat of floods in Bihar, fishes found floating in the ICU of Patna NMCH!

2019 – About 120 lakh people affected

2020 –?

Floods have claimed 10,574 lives since the government started publishing figures in 1979. Bihar is India's most flood-prone state, with 76% population in the North Bihar living under the recurring threat of flood devastation. North Bihar has an approximated 6.554 crore population (as against 10.38 crore of the entire state). These floods have devastated the normal livelihood of people in Bihar. Every year people fear for their way of life when the monsoon arrives and this year it is to arrive by mid-June according to the Bihar Meteorological department.

During the flood, a helpline number is a ray of hope for people in distress, it is very important in relief and rescue operations. But the sad thing is that these numbers sometimes work and many times they don’t. Like previous years, last year as well too many people working for flood relief complained that the flood helpline numbers do not work properly.

In a situation where your house is washed away and you are surrounded by water, won’t you want to have a helpline number that can bring you out safely from the dire situation? Won’t you like to ask for an assured help if stuck in floodwater?

Because of the need of the situation, I have started this petition addressing it to the Bihar Government and the Honourable Chief Minister. Sign and share my petition to ask for one easy and dedicated Flood Relief Helpline Number for Bihar.

The present situation is that there are different helpline numbers that are issued for different districts after the floods have hit. If in advance, there is only one helpline number for floods in the whole of Bihar, it will have many advantages:

1. One helpline will be easy to regulate and it will also accelerate the relief work.

2. One number will be easy for people including children and the elderly to remember and use.

3. One helpline number will be easy to disseminate beforehand through television, print and social media.

The flood cannot be avoided, but at least we can minimize the vulnerability. I know that if crores of people in Bihar get the advantage of this helpline, their lives can be saved. Sign my petition asking the Government to provide Bihar with One State-wide Helpline Number for Flood Relief.

Image Credit: Eklavya Prasad