Yavatmal Tigress T1 Murder- Register Name & Sections in FIR

Yavatmal Tigress T1 Murder- Register Name & Sections in FIR

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Started by Sangeeta Dogra

T1 Tigress who was shot dead in Pandharkawda in Yavatmal,Nagpur Maharshtra on the night of 2 Nov The Maharashtra forest department has closed the case against Asghar Ali of Hyderabad, Nawab Shafath  Ali Khan’s son, in the Avni shooting case. Forest Development Corporation of Maharashtra and investigation officials have written to Hyderabad police commissioner, stating that the case of T1 man-eater tigress has been “investigated, resolved and closed”.

But Surprising fact is There was no FIR was registered as Per Wildlife Crime Investigation & as per crpc 154.

Which proves the Case of Saving All Poachers, Arms & Drugs criminals are sheltered under the information of Prime Minister. The way he is quite always despite knowing the Facts.

#Shafath khan is a Threat to entire Nation.

In Himachal Pradesh earlier he had shot wrong Leopard & then he had to shoot another Leopard both Orders declares the fact as well Activist did create a Shout out but he Himachal Govt did not register any FIR even then.

This has been identified that as per Service rule one can not pose with rifle but there are seceral pictures of Shafath Khan posing intimidating pictures on social media.

Shafath Khan & Team has used incorrect Rifle .300 Magnum instead of .375 Winchester Magnum rifle violating NTCA SOP but no FIR has been registered rather Ballistic report was forged by showing other weapon in License as .315 to destroy evidences.

Shafath khan's son has been granted 5 weapons but as per  Indian Arms Act rule allowed are only 2 or 3, special cases allows 5 weapon & he falls under none.

If Govt keeps hiding Khan Like criminals like this, our country will have inly criminals.



7,663 have signed. Let’s get to 10,000!