Re-Consider Landscape Projects Passing through Tiger Reserve #WildLifeInDistress

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The New Road Development Projects in Tadoba landscape is set to post a big threat to Maharashtra’s Tiger population. Population of Tiger is 60% in Maharashtra
Living in Unsafe Corridors building Human-Animal Conflict.

Landscape Projects needs to be restructured in a manner that neither there is Danger to Animal Crossing the Line.

Landscape Project can be restructred as OverHead Forest or UnderGround Landscaping , making Human (Villagers) Crossing Roads Safe.

It can be implemented with Less impact to Environment, by seeking Suggestion from Countrywide Population making this project Happier & exemplary to World.

The number of Road Kills(Human/Animal) is Increasing Day by Day & Its affecting WildLife & Human Tribes.

World is Certainly aiming development Projects of India as Developing Country, Fragmentation of the Corridors is adverse impact on Environment & Wilds.

Every Development Project should have an mitigation plan fpr successful Implementation & utilise Expertise available within the Country

Note:  Its humbly Requested to Sign the Petition & Further Start a Petitio  to your State Level Authorities to reconsider & HighLight similar Issues