Safer motorcycle helmet laws for India

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Indian government has taken the decision to ban all helmets that do not adhere to ISI norms (Indian standard for helmet and other safety standards). While we welcome this move as it will ban the below grade unsafe helmets it also affects premium motorcycle helmets which are DOT, ECER 22.05 and Snell certified.

These International standard helmets are far superior and they are also a source of revenue for the government. 

We request the government to allow usage of these helmets. We understand that they may want all these international helmets to be certified by ISI as well and that will be a welcome move. However, the ISI standard only allows 1200 gm of maximum weight and the International helmets due to their thick and protective shell weight more than that. So this rule is unfair to protective helmets and if Indian standard has to be imposed then this unfair law of maximum weight should be removed and international brands should be given a fair playing field so that they can get their products certified.