Cover upper half of headlamps to prevent the discomfort from vehicles using High beem

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One of the major reasons for accidents during night is the vehicles running using High Beem headlamps.

"I personally am the victim of this and still face this annoying behaviour every day."

People do not even understand the signal given by opposite side, to lower their headlights. I don't know they even know the meaning of those signals.

The introduction of LED headlamps has increased the trouble to 4 times. The uneven roads, with no street lights plus this frustrating High beem headlight creates a perfect situation for accidents.

So, instead of relying on people on road to be educated and act mature, I request Mr. Nitin Gadkari ji to direct the automobile companies TO COVER THE UPPER HALF OF HEADLAMPS TO OBSTRUCT THE LIGHT COMING DIRECTLY ON THE FACE of person on the opposite side.

Kindly try to understand the seriousness and urgency of this request.