Remove Nissan School Bus Race Ad

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Chances are, flipping through the channels on TV, you’ve seen the Nissan Altima commercial of a father racing a school bus to drop his child off at school on time. 

In this commercial, Nissan is promoting unsafe driving habits. The father receives his son’s nod of approval as he speeds through the streets, without any regards to school bus safety. Drivers are often encouraged to slow down when in the presence of a school bus. In this Nissan commercial, the driver didn’t even use a turn signal. Speeding is an illegal act that can lead to a hefty fine, or worse, a deadly accident. Yet, Nissan believes it is acceptable to show a father ask for his son’s approval, before racing down the streets with his child in the backseat. 

This advertisement has also received backlash with bus drivers across the country. Nissan is reinforcing the stereotype that all bus drivers are lazy, cranky people, not willing to help students arrive to school in a timely and safe manner. Just ask the Executive Director of the National Association for Pupil Transportation, or NAPT, Mike Martin and read his open letter to Nissan. 

America’s largest and safest form of mass transportation is in fact, school buses. Nissan clearly did not do their research before releasing this misleading commercial. Please show your support in signing and sharing this petition in order for Nissan to see the error of their ways. 

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