Get Nissan to bring back the Patrol Cab-Chassis Y61 to the Australian Market

Get Nissan to bring back the Patrol Cab-Chassis Y61 to the Australian Market

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Started by Angus Allen

For decades the Nissan Patrol Cab-Chassis has carved a reputable and unchallenged reputation as one of the strongest, most reliable and most capable work utes available in Australia and around the world. Through many generations and iterations the Patrol Cab-Chassis became stronger and further cemented it's incredible reputation in the Australian landscape, until recent times.

In late 2016 Nissan stopped importing both wagon and cab-chassis variants of the Y61 due to the introduction of stricter emission laws. This action left a gaping hole in the market that has left Toyota rubbing their hands together as they continue to sell their overpriced 70 series to people who would have once bought a Patrol Cab-Chassis. The Y62 has (somewhat) filled the shoes of the Y61 wagon, so the wagon is not of interest bar the re-introduction of a base spec wagon to compete with the 76 series wagon. And don't bother hitting us with 'but Navara...', Nissan. It's good but not in the same league.

Another option is the Nissan Titan and Titan XD offered in some LHD markets. While it's not the focus of this petition, it's a truly great proposition for the Australian market and would surely be the next best thing to a Patrol, if only for the Patrols extensive history and brand recognition in Australia.

This petition calls on Nissan Australia, Nissan Global and Nissan Japan to come together and look after their Australian customers who have been largely forgotten about. Why can other manufacturers continue to sell cab-chassis with strict emission laws? Bring the Y61 Cab-Chassis back Nissan, even if it means having a ZD30 with a DPF or a TB48 like overseas markets have to start with (Cummins V8 from the Nissan Titan and the VK56 from the Patrol would both adequately complement the rest of the vehicle if offered alongside each other).

New ute buyers want options, Nissan. They've got none. Give them options and tell them about it. Don't just re-introduce it without advertising. Tell them what the Patrol offers, and tell them how Nissan cares about their customer base.

738 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!