Peel Police: Body cameras NOW!

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Peel Regional Police must be held accountable for their behaviours and actions regarding the most vulnerable and targeted in our communities. Black and Indigenous people of colour have suffered the most. This is unacceptable.

D'Andre Campbell, a 26 year old Afrikan man living in Brampton was shot and killed in front of his family by Peel Police on April 6th, 2020. He placed the call to 911 himself for a domestic incident. He was stunned with a taser twice before being shot multiple times and killed.

In 2014, Jermaine Carby was shot and killed during a routine traffic stop in Brampton. He was unarmed and posed no threat.

Junior Manon, Alwy al-Nadir, Reyal Jensen Jardine-Douglas, Eric Osawe, Michael Eligon, Sammy Yatim and Frank Anthony Berry all lost their lives at the hands of police in the GTA. 

To read Mayor Crombie's and Chief Duraiappah's views on body cameras, click here:

We, the people of Peel Region, demand justice and accountability for our Black and Indigenous community members of colour.

We understand that you support and will push the initiative to have Peel Regional Police wear body cams. 

We want this now.

All lives will matter when BLACK LIVES MATTER!