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Localize Exile Election(PS4/PS VITA)

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Hello everyone, I genuinely hope you are all having a wonderful day. On the 27th of April, 2017, a game titled Tsuihou Senkyo(Exile Election) was released in Japan for the PS4 and PS VITA under the publisher Nippon Ichi Software(NIS). I am starting this petition in hopes of raising awareness that a good group of people want this game localized to North America and Europe. 

What is Exile Election?

It is categorized as a Death Adventure Game with the style of a Visual Novel but with noticable gameplay elements for the PS4 and PS VITA. The story follows a group of 13 participants forced to play a "death game" by a murderous mechanical doll going by the name Alice. The story takes place in an abandoned amusememt park which is a shelter is an apocalyptic world envaded by monsters. Every week, one of the characters is nominated for exile to go to the outside world and face its hardships. As you may probably tell, this game is heavily inspired by the Danganronpa series and the Zero Escape series, both of which sold very well in the NA/EU region. The game raises many questions in the players' heads. Why is Alice doing this? What is the purpose of this game? Why us 13? etc...

Now, unlike many recent games, you take on the role of an "anti-hero", a protagonist whom bares a grudge against the remaining players for allowing the exile of his little sister. The protagonist is named Ichijou Kaname, a young man who possess the ability to see sound in the form of colour, and he sees faleshoods in the colour red.

Who's our target and how we can achieve localization?

Our targets are NISAmerica and NISAmericainEurope. We should attempt to obtain as many supporters as possible to show them that their is an audience backing up localizing the game. It would be of great interest to them to see that they have an audience that would purchase the game if localized. 

What change will be caused when this game is localized?

The visual novel genre of gaming has only recently started to gain popularity in western countries but unfortunately, the library of VN'S provided to us is very limited so I sincerely hope that this game would set an example for the localization of other visual novels to NA/EU regions and it would be an excellent start to the genre due to the fact that it's not a pure visual novel and has gameplay elements which could be introductory and can gradually allow players to fulfill their desires with more fully-fleshed visual novels.


Thank you very much for taking the time to read my petition and I hope to garner enough support to make it a success!







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