Stop the banks to levy charges on deposits, withdrawals of money.

Stop the banks to levy charges on deposits, withdrawals of money.

2 November 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by People Foundation

In the current pandemic where the small businesses and people are struggling financially but Indian banks looting everyone through unreasonable charges.

They are distributing hard earn money from the public through loans and schemes to unworthy people and facing losses for years. How they are surviving from losses, from the common public, and making new rules every day to loot.

  • They started charging on the ATM transaction.
  • imposing fine on the low balance of the account but why do I need to pay if I can't earn to maintain a minimum balance? 

Now, This is an insane decision by the banks to impose charges on Deposit and withdrawal from banks. Seriously

Where govt. advertising digital India and we using banks, Now banks taking advantages.

For Example, I am running a small business, and I sell in cash and give GST to govt over every cash transaction. But my supplier only takes bank transfer or any online payment mode. Then I need to deposit cash collected funds in my account to pay.

Now I am restricted to deposit and have to pay 40INR for every deposit and 150 rs on every withdrawal ( no matter what is value).

Wait, other than this if the amount is more than 1 lakh then I need to pay 100 rs on every 1 lakh.

Is it a trap? is Govt Involved?

You can not keep cash else you have to pay a fine.

Why are ATM's empty? 

Really this is how we can revive from a pandemic?

Dear Prime Minister or Finance Minister or RBI, Please look into this matter and this is your duty to protect consumer rights.

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Signatures: 8Next Goal: 10
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