NATHELLA JEWELLERY SCAM: Chennai based NSC cheated customers on chit saving schemes

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Dear Madam, 

Many people have invested in small amounts in Nathella Jewellery Private Limited as savings chit scheme for their daughter's marriage as it is not possible to buy jewels in one stretch. The jewellery shop has announced debts following which all the branches were closed suddenly in Nov 2017. There are around 25 lakh pending complaints received by EOW.  We have been following up with them on a regular basis but the case has been dragging and there is no proper response. 

Request your immediate attention in getting hard earned money of all families who had invested for their daughter's marriage. 

Also,  Request you to refer to the article published in "The Hindu" On May 2018 which says that the Grey area in law leaves the depositors in limbo.