Grant three-month moratorium for EMI, Monthly Installments and Repayment of Loan

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                                                                                             Date : 25.March .2020

Sub :Repayment of Monthly Installment by  Individual / Self Employers /Traders /Drivers etc 

The corona virus pandemic has triggered a major economic crisis that will burden our societies and greatest economic, financial and social shock of the 21st Century.

With a negative cash flow and no means to earn, recover the receivables and  Corona is badly affected the routine business and economic conditions of all business ,specially the middle class 

Self employed business are badly affected  , from Drivers of auto ,Tax etc to SME  and startups 

With no earnings the enterprises and business entities are struggling to pay off the salary , rent ,other routine expenses and Its difficult for us to Pay the loan EMI of Car ,House , Loan Repayments etc 

We urge you to kindly consider this adverse situation uncalled for and declare a 3 month moratorium for all the types of loans repayment and Installments on SOS 

 Thank you in anticipation