Please stop using woodchips from native forest

Native forests are the world's best and cheapest carbon stores and are more valuable as homes to wildlife, as water stores and are essential to the survival of our planet. Other Japanese paper companies have made the switch to plantation woodchips, why can't Nippon Paper?

This petition will be delivered to:
  • Nippon Paper Group
  • Director of Nippon Paper
    Fumio Manoshiro (Director of Nippon Paper)
  • Director of Nippon Paper
    Kazufumi Yamasaki (Director of Nippon Paper)
  • Former Director or SEFE
    Yuji Naruse (Director or SEFE)
  • Director of Nippon Paper
    Hironori Iwase (Director of Nippon Paper)
  • Director of Nippon Paper
    Shuhei Marukawa (Director of Nippon Paper)
  • Director of Nippon Paper
    Yoshimitsu Aoyama (Director of Nippon Paper)
  • General Manager of Corporate Planning Division, in charge of Subsidiaries and Affiliated Companies
    Toru Nozawa
  • Director of Nippon Paper
    Masaru Motomura
  • Nippon Paper Campaign
  • President, Nippon Paper Group
    Mr Yoshio Haga
  • Embassy of Japan, Canberra
    Trade Attache
  • Director, General Manager of Raw Material & Purchasing Division
    Haruo Fujisawa

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