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Harini Mehrotra started this petition to NIOS and

On 5th August 2020, the NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF OPEN SCHOOLING declared its 12th results. The problems with it are-

It has marked students as absent in the practical’s, due to which exams which have a practical component have been marked as “yet to clear”. Meaning, we cannot get a marksheet for the same.
As per the marking scheme, students were to be awarded marks as per internal marking and practical’s which were conducted already. However, they have instead awarded everyone marks in the range of 40% to 50%. Not a single person scored more than that.

Majority of students have not been able to clear the papers, which were not even conducted. The board has squashed any possibility of students seeking a higher education by awarding abysmal marks. Even with relaxed JEE admission criteria, what is the point of clearing the entrance when we cannot even get a pass in the cancelled exams?
The worst part of it all is that no one is willing to help us. No news channel will cover it, no ministry of education will respond, heck even NIOS itself is unresponsive towards the plight of its students. There is such discrimination where students of CBSE are scoring 100/100 in cancelled papers, while NIOS students are being marked as absent and their marks are totally unrelated to the marking scheme.

This is the problem with Indian Education System- a clear bias between boards. In this case, both are national boards and yet while one awards it’s undeserving students abundant marks, another fails its majority and awards even potential toppers 40%. Many students are contemplating suicide due to these unfair results. 

We raise the following facts- 

The fact that inspite of being unable to conduct examinations, the board has held its students responsible and not awarded marks for the practical components of subjects which have a mandatory practical component. 

Not awarding the candidates a markasheet in light of them being unable to pass the practical exams, which lead to the subject being labelled “YET TO CLEAR” 

 A clear violation of the fact that students who could not appear in a non-conducted examination have been failed, when government guidelines declared them to be passed. 

Lack of clarity and contact with the board officials. 

 Discriminatory marking scheme when compared with that of other boards of educations, which seem to wish to keep the students of NIOS, most of whom belong to remote villages and backward classes, at the bottom of the social pyramid. 

How the evaluation of the examinations which were not conducted in the first place can be done and the students not be passed in light of the aggravating circumstances. How the marks were allotted when according to the marking scheme released the student should have scored much higher? 

The future prospects of higher education which were hampered by the irresponsible results declared by the board, rendering them incapable of applying to private universities and merit based universities, as well as being unable to enrol in institutions which have an entrance examination, like the JEE. 

We demand the following action be taken- 

We wish for the board to withdraw the result and give a more appropriate results keeping in mind the student’s past performance and the marking scheme released and the situation the country currently is in at the earliest, i.e. within 1 month from 6th August 2020 at the latest. 

We would also like for the Ministry of HRD to take appropriate measures so as to not ruin the future of those planning to pursue higher education and issue guidelines to colleges on how they should admit students of NIOS. 

Furthermore, we wish to receive the way the papers were graded so as to get more transparency in the process and to not be discriminated against during
the admissions process for higher education. 

Should the board fail to take appropriate action, we shall pursue a legal action to null the results that have been declared and take strict action against NIOS for its lax, irresponsible results which endanger the futures and lives of the students who trusted the board with their education. 

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At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!