We want Rosalina get more appearance in Mario games and get her own one.

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Rosalina, as you surely know, had her first appearance in the game Super Mario Galaxy (2007). This was the first and the last time she has an important role in a Super Mario game. She appears in Super Mario Galaxy 2 (2010) after you collected 242 stars (basically after you finished the game) and then she becomes a stable presence in the Mario Ship. Her third appearance in a Super Mario game was in Super Mario 3D World as a playable character. You can unlock her after you defeated Bowser.

Beside these three appearances (being playable only in 1 game) she is only in spin-offs (like Daisy). I’m not saying that this isn’t enough, but we’d like more!

So our proposals would be: Rosalina playable in many Super Mario games, a game entirely focused on Rosalina (possibly with her as a main character and / or main character) and a Super Mario Odyssey DLC with Rosalina, the Comet Observatory and other Super Mario Galaxy things...

Personally I grew up with Rosalina since Super Mario Galaxy and Mario Kart Wii and I hate people that keeps saying “She (Rosalina) sucks! She replaced Daisy!”

Please spread the voice! Sign and share this petition on every social network you have! Rosalina needs help and together we’ll be stronger! Please!!

Do you agree? Did I say something wrong? Feel free to say what do you think in the comments!

Thank you VERY MUCH for your support

We Are Rosalina Group

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