Unlimited design slots in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Unlimited design slots in Animal Crossing New Horizons

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In Animal crossing new horizons, there has grown a flourishing community of artists who create designs for everyone to enjoy. The only problem is with such a limited amount of space, players are extremely limited with the designs they can create and share with each other. 

People are connecting all around the world with these designs, and it is only growing as more people spend time in the game. The creativity is astounding, and the 3D effects that they achieve with forced perspective and shading really brings the game to a new level of customization. The only problem is design squares are only so big, and sometimes you need to fill up to 24 slots to complete a design like a basketball court or courtyard. 

If Nintendo truly wants this to be the most customizable version of animal crossing since its creation, they should allow players to enable more slots. Ideally, it would be unlimited spots, but even just doubling what we have now would significantly improve the design capabilities of the game. Once the slots are full, the only way to make more is to delete an old one, so hours and hours of work lost just due to a relatively insignificant and random allotment of spaces. 


In short, Nintendo give us more design slots!!!!