Nintendo Stop resellers from buying all switches on COVID-19 Pandemic.

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Recently  for the past weeks we had to deal  with a situation world-wide  confronting COVID-19. It has been difficult times where we have been unable to go out and have a normal way to go shopping for entertainment. In some cities on the U.S we are only able to buy online.

However,  Nintendo Switch  is really going rare and the prices of the console are going over the $299 Original price. Resellers online are selling bundles for over $600 and limited editions for over $700. We are not getting any update on restock by Nintendo and by the time the restock goes by they come unavailable. One of the reasons is the resellers bot's . They notify when the product is available and buys they quantity they need to resell to a outrageous price Point online. 

  • We need to have a response in what ways Nintendo are taking action on distribution and re-stock.
  • We need Nintendo  to have control on  price points on the companies they distribute the console , such as Wal-Mart, Amazon, Best Buy or Target. We know these companies can price the console  because of the high demand. However , Nintendo is aware of the price points going over $500 and hasn't made any clarification about it and no transparency to show us consumers how many units they have to distribuite to these facilities so they can sell as normal as usual.
  • We need to have the opportunity to buy the console , not give the opportunity to  just resellers . Wich it means that if it's possible make a limit of how many consoles you can buy per client. Including those companies that are affiliated with Nintendo and the selling of the console.

 We want to be part of Nintendo , and have the opportunity to buy a family friendly console like the Nintendo Switch. As the situation we are confronting as country we want to stay home and have the entertainment we need for our family to stay safe. The goal is to continue with a normal marketing online so that everyone can have access on a more  fluid availability of the stock.