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Stop Amiibo scalpers

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Hello, my name is Javier and I want to tell you about an injustice to Nintendo fans everywhere. Amiibo, a promotional campaign from Nintendo to sell figurines of famous Nintendo video game characters to be used with various Wii U games to trigger: different gameplay, in-game gifts, and unlockable content. Many people such as myself collect, trade, or share these great figurines to friends and family, that is, if there was enough to go around. Scalpers, someone who purchases large quantities of goods (usually tickets) early with the sole intention of re-selling them at a higher price at a later date (closer to the event). And yes scalpers exist for Amiibo's, people who buy in bulk, hundreds of Amiibo to sell in online auction, for obscene prices of up to 10x the retail price of $12.99, many people who have hopes of obtaining their favorite characters are left with disappointment from official retailers telling them that they're "sold out", even weeks before they hit the shelves due to "pre-orders". My proposition and and main draw of this petition is stop scalpers from hindering the transaction of Amiibo by becoming the middle man, and a way we can do that is to limit the amount a single person can buy/pre-order Amiibo to (preferably) 1 to 3. If you're a parent who has been trying to get your child his favorite character Amiibo only to be lead on a goose chase through store after store, or an aspiring collector who can't get the Amiibo's he/she wants, or just an average person who wants to play with and enjoy Amiibo without paying hundreds of dollars, then this petition is for you. The video shown here is a particular Amiibo scalper to prove that this is indeed an issue to Nintendo fans everywhere.

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