Rerelease Secret of Evermore on the Nintendo Switch

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I feel the lack of support for Secret of Evermore is not only an issue for those who have not had a chance to play it but it is unfair to those who never had the chance. It's inability to be played despite plenty of platforms to rerelease it on causes a massive spike in both piracy and price hiking. The game is not only a fantastic piece of fiction it also is an approachable and enjoyable way to reach problem solving and resources management to younger players.

Square Enix has rereleased plenty of older titles yet constantly over looks this one fantastic and heartwarming adventure. Especially in the current global situation we find ourselves such a game would be great not just on it's own merits but for parents who grew up with it to share with and bond with their kids.

I am not even asking for an enhanced port or remake. Even a straight port of the original game would be fantastic. Even better if released for free on the SNES collection of games provided to Nintendo Online Subscribers. I would gladly pay upwards of 20 US Dollars for even the classic game to support the company and rights holders instead of inflated collector prices. 

It might seem silly or just in jest, but I believe strongly that this game should be rereleased not just for myself and others to play while staying inside, but to preserve a part of Square Enix and gaming history for everyone to enjoy.