Remove the gender-lock from Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Remove the gender-lock from Fire Emblem: Three Houses

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Pegasus Knight started this petition to Nintendo

The release of Fire Emblem: Three Houses has been iconic for the series. It has become the best-selling game of the franchise, and garnered a huge following among new and old fans.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses is a fantasy tactical role-playing game for the Nintendo Switch released in 2019. The game has significantly changed and improved from past titles, and has added brand new features that have not been present in old games. Among these changes, the most notable would be the class system. Despite the class changing system being well-received, it has reintroduced gender-locked classes which were not present in the previous major title of the franchise (Fire Emblem: Fates, not including remakes).

Before release, Nintendo and Intelligent Systems prided this game as being the "most customizable game in the series." However, the gender-locked classes severely limit player customization and prevent the optimization of certain characters.

The following characters suffer the consequences of gender-locked classes:

  • Linhardt: He is the only male character to have proficiencies in both Reason and Faith, yet he cannot reclass into Gremory due to the fact that he is male and Gremory is a female-locked class.
  • Lysithea and Edelgard: Lysithea and Edelgard are of the three non-DLC units that learn Dark Magic rather than Black Magic, the third being Hubert. However, the Dark Mage class line is locked to only males and neither Lysithea nor Edelgard can reap the benefits of the class. Therefore, Hubert is the only character that can make use of the Dark Mage class. Despite this, female Dark Mages have been present in previous titles, Tharja from Awakening being a prime example.
  • Petra and Edelgard: Petra and Edelgard once again (as well as DLC Anna) are female units that have skill proficiencies in both swords and axes, which may imply that they would prove efficient in the Hero class. However, the Hero class is a male-only class.
  • Sylvain, Ferdinand, and Dimitri (special mention to Hubert): Sylvain, Ferdinand, and Dimitri are the lance-focused male units in the game. They have access to the Cavalier-Paladin class line (which is gender-neutral), yet they miss out on the female-locked Pegasus Knight class, which is arguably a much better class line for lance users. The Cavalier-Paladin classes suffer from a -10% speed growth penalty, whereas female lance units can enjoy up to a +20% speed growth with Falcon Knight. Hubert even has a counselor note where he states that his dream is to become a Pegasus Knight, but he cannot access even the Dark Flier DLC class as these are all female-locked. Seteth would also benefit from the Pegasus Knight class line as he has a personal lance. Male units also miss out on being able to achieve the highly sought after Pegasus Knight mastery skill, Darting Blow (not counting Jeritza who learns this skill as a budding talent). There have only been two playable male Pegasus Knights in the series: Subaki and Shigure, both from Fates.
  • Catherine and Hilda: Other than female-Byleth, Catherine is the only playable female unit with a proficiency in Brawling, yet all of the brawling classes are locked to male units (aside from the DLC War Cleric). Hilda, an axe-focused character, has a stat line that is quite suited for the War Master class. To top it off, if she is recruited to the Blue Lions/Azure Moon route, her NPC ally unit is replaced with a female War Master in chapter 19. Also, upon mastery of the War Master class, units can obtain the Quick Riposte skill. A coveted skill, yet only available to male units with no exceptions.

As you can see, there are several characters that could benefit from certain classes had they not been gender-locked. It would really help the Fire Emblem fan community as this as been a hot topic among us fans since the release of the game. I am hoping that Nintendo and Intelligent Systems could listen to us fans and bring back gender-neutral classes for optimum play.


Also, I want to make a special mention to the same-sex marriage options for male-Byleth, or the lack of it.

Female-Byleth enjoys the options of having Mercedes, Dorothea, Edelgard, Rhea, and Sothis for same-sex marriage. Whereas for male-Byleth, he only truly has Linhardt, then Yuri and Jeritza. However, Yuri is a paid-DLC character and Jeritza is locked to only the Crimson Flower route. We are not including Alois nor Gilbert as their S-supports are completely platonic.

It is unfortunate that male-Byleth got the short end of the stick for same-sex marriages, leaving much more to be desired for male-Byleth players. Claude was a notable character for several players, as he became a fan favorite and displayed flirtatious conversations with male-Byleth as supports were exactly the same between both genders of Byleth. They even have a cutscene where Claude takes Byleth's hand to dance, regardless of Byleth's gender. Because all the dialogue was the same, it should not have been difficult at all to include Claude to the list of same-sex marriage options.

Us fans are hoping to see an improvement in this feature of the game as well.

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