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Release more Majora's Mask New 3DS XL for America

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I think its absolutely insane how much this item is in demand. It sold out within a few hours each time it was released for a pre-order on every single website. My boyfriend grew up playing Majora's Mask and has been an advent lover of Nintendo handhelds his entire life. So when he heard about this, he absolutely had to have one. It was perfect. Yet he could not get his hands on one for anything. He has a job, like most normal adults. So he was at work when they were released for pre-order. Then luckily, I was able to secure one at Best Buy for him while he was there. Then a week later he got an email stating that it was cancelled because "the popularity of the item exceeded the quantities made available to Best Buy". This was almost heart breaking for him. No where else had any available either, then word was out that would get some in stock and those sold out before we even knew they were up. So on the day of release, we heard that a Target in our Area would have a few for sale in store. So he stood in 25 degree weather for an hour waiting for the store to open, to find out that they only had 2 available and the truck they were being transported in was involved in a crash. So they did not know when they would get to the store, it could of even been after the weekend.  So he went home, saddened. But checked the website, just in case. And it was open for online pre-order. So he ordered one. Then the next day, that pre-order was ALSO cancelled, "Due to incredibly high demand, we are unable fulfill the order demanded". This is plain out ridiculous. There is no reason for Nintendo to not release more. It is obviously wanted. It does not feel good to have two pre-orders cancelled and be forced to stand in below freezing weather just for the chance to get one of these, and still not get one. So I ask Nintendo to, please, release more of these to America. 

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