Rainbow Six: Siege Port to the Nintendo Switch

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Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege (developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft) is an acclaimed tactical shooter consisting of PvE co-op and solo Terrorist Hunt or Situations (if you're into that baby shit), but if you want to get in with the big boys, what stands out is its 5v5 multiplayer matches where players take the role of either an attacker or defender. The game's mechanics are unforgiving; the time-to-kill is extremely low and a single well-placed headshot is enough to stop any player dead in their tracks. While twitch reflexes and gunplay are nonetheless important as in many other competitive multiplayer games, they are toned down in favor of gamesense, teamwork, and strategy. In most games, Siege's selection of maps would begin to bore many, but with a vast environmental destruction system and varying objectives, every match feels different and replayability spikes through the roof. Over the years, Siege has proven itself to be an exceptional competitive shooter and viable eSport, and has taken a special place in my heart. I have over 800 hours invested in this game and have achieved the rank of Platinum III, seabreezing over scummy casuals and shitty golds alike.

The Nintendo Switch, the latest console released by Nintendo, doubles as a home console and mobile tablet. Much like Rainbow Six: Siege, it originally received backlash and seemed like it was destined to fail, however it turned out to be a very capable system with an outstanding selection of hit games, such as Super Mario Odyssey and Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

The purpose of this petition is to convince either Ubisoft Montreal to consider development of a Nintendo Switch port for Rainbow Six: Siege or Nintendo to contact Ubisoft with prospects of a Switch port. Rainbow Six: Siege would simply be perfect for the Switch, just like every other game.

The Nintendo Switch's hardware was brought into question when it was unveiled, being a portable device. Now, it is obviously able to run very graphically and mechanically demanding games, like Bethesda's DOOM (2016). Therefore, it seems like it should be capable of running Siege at the same level of other consoles with no sweat. But what place does a competitive multiplayer shooter have on the Nintendo Switch? Well, first of all, the portability aspect of the Switch would be very alluring to Siege players. Not only would you be able to play Siege at work, at school, on the commute back home, at the park, but you'd also be able to gather with your friends, make callouts in person, and pressure the last one alive so that he inevitably fucks up even more effectively. For a wireless internet connection on the go... Well, just get an infinite data plan and use your phone's hotspot, fucktard, it wasn't my job to account for this.

I've played on console for many hours before finally making the transition to PC, and the controls were the biggest game-changer for me. While the Nintendo Switch has similar controls to that of many other consoles, it has one great feature that would topple them. Motion controls! Instead of using your shitty joystick to aim at stuff, use the MOTION CONTROLS! This would allow for precision accuracy on par with PC, making Siege already superior to its console counterparts. Whilst playing Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, I fondly remember using the Nintendo Switch's motion controls to "pop a cap in the asses" of countless Bokoblins.

As another added benefit, imagine walking down the street with your Switch, playing Siege, and you happen to see a fellow Switch gamer playing Siege as well. It just so happens that he's the one who was backseat gaming the entire match and in real life, he's just a scrawny neeeeeeeerd. Now you can beat his ass relentlessly now that he is out of the comfort of his own home.

A Switch port for Siege wouldn't just be to the benefit of the gamer; Nintendo and Ubisoft would both be opening up a vast market.

Now that you've heard my pitch:

Please sign this petition and together, we'll be one step closer to getting Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege on the Nintendo Switch!