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Prevent Steve from being included in Super Smash Bros.

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To whom it may concern at Nintendo:

We, the undersigned, are loyal fans and patrons of your company and the Super Smash Bros. franchise. We are people of all different walks of life, with unique personalities and goals and aspirations.

However, Smash brings us as a diverse group together. And this is why we strongly protest the possibility of Steve from Minecraft being included in Super Smash Brothers for Wii U and 3DS (hereafter “Smash 4.”)

Smash fans all across the world were incredibly hyped when Nintendo of America's senior manager of licensing and marketing, Damon Baker, revealed that a major announcement of some kind would be coming Monday, December 7, 2015. Speculation ran wild and the hope was that an announcement would be made regarding the date of the promised Smash Direct.

But those hopes and dreams were swiftly and suddenly dashed when it was revealed that Minecraft Wii U was the major announcement of the day. Many such fans, including myself, were incredibly salty about this bait and switch troll tactic. Instead of simply teasing Minecraft Wii U, Nintendo put out this incredibly vague bait during a tense time wherein a good portion of the fanbase is eagerly awaiting news of the Smash direct.

Please understand: we are not bashing Minecraft Wii U or calling for its removal. We simply wish to prevent the travesty of Steve joining Smash 4. Since Minecraft Wii U was announced, the prospects of Steve joining Smash have increased exponentially, and we wish to avert this cancer from ever occurring.

Steve should not join Smash 4 for a multitude of reasons, but we shall list the top four here.

(1)    No Nintendo history. Smash is reflective of Nintendo’s history, and characters who are included should reflect substantial contributions to gaming or Nintendo in some way. Until today, Steve has had absolutely no impact on Nintendo as a character and is a mascot of Minecraft, which is owned by Microsoft – one of Nintendo’s main competitors.

(2)    Many other much more deserving characters. Regardless of who the signatories below supported in the Smash Ballot voting, pretty much all of us can agree that there are many more deserving and qualified characters who deserve to get in to Smash 4 above Steve. Even those who may tentatively support the idea of Steve being included would, and should, agree. With the announcement of Cloud, and estimates ranging that 2-4 DLC roster spots are left, those slots should be filled with characters who have enduring legacies and a profound impact on Nintendo/gaming and its rich history. Steve is anything but that as he is a relatively recent creation in the context of gaming history, wholly independent of Nintendo and its subsidiaries.

(3)    Encourages poor play. Most of the Minecraft fan base is composed of a much younger audience than the typical Smash 4 gamer. Adding Steve to Smash 4 would swiftly deteriorate the quality of online play as legions of younger gamers would join the servers and literally derp around with Steve on For Glory. Hoards of little kids would make the experience of Smash 4 incredibly frustrating and irksome to both casual and competitive players alike on both the servers and Miiverse. Spammy, low-quality posts would flood Miiverse in an unstoppable deluge.

(4)    PR disaster. Minecraft is one of the most widespread and recognizable games. By including Steve in Smash 4, Nintendo would be selling out on its core values and commitment to high quality. It would be a sign of yet another gaming company becoming a cheap sellout for a few extra quick bucks. Including Steve in Smash 4 would alienate large swaths of the Nintendo customer base and cause unimaginable levels of salt to flow. This negative PR would impact your bottom line, as Steve DLC may incentivize some people, but would alienate many more. Boycotts of the upcoming DLC are not out of the question. Steve joining the roster would represent the adulteration of a storied franchise and forever leave an unspeakable blemish on Smash and Nintendo.

Ergo, for the aforementioned reasons, and others not mentioned, be it resolved that by the placement of our signatures on this petition, we, the undersigned contest Steve joining Smash 4 in the strongest and clearest of terms possible.

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